Video Tutorials

We are constantly recording tutorial videos to show you how to complete various tasks using Hue.

Get started with Spark: deploy Spark Server and compute Pi

Analyse Apache logs and build your own Web Analytics dashboard with Hadoop and Solr

Team retreat in the Caribbean: Curacao!

Hadoop search: Dynamic search dashboards with Solr

Multiple Impala daemons with Hue

Multiple Impala daemons with Hue

Unix accounts in Hue

How to create a real Hadoop cluster in 10 minutes?

Interactive SQL on Hadoop with Impala or Hive

Oozie SLA - monitor and get alerts for your workflows

Oozie crontab scheduling

Oozie workflow credentials with a Hive action with Kerberos

JobBrowser with Yarn Security

Oozie workflow credentials with a Hive action with Kerberos

Using Yarn and Job Browser

The new Spark Igniter

The new Pig Editor Navigator

Submit any Oozie jobs directly from HDFS

Create Hive tables and load quoted CSV data

Hive Query editor with HiveServer2 and Sentry

The new Zookeeper Browser

The new proxy app

The new DB Query app

Hue Team Retreat: Thailand

How to transfer data from Hadoop with Sqoop 2

How to index and search data with Solr

Use Pig and Hive with HBase

Bundle Oozie coordinators

The new Sqoop 2 app

The Impala web UI


Schedule Hive queries with Oozie coordinators

Execute Hive queries and schedule them with Oozie

Preparing the data for analysis with Pig and Python UDF

An introduction to the new HBase Browser

How to create example tables in HBase

build and use Hive UDF in 1 minute!

High availability in Hue without database setup

How to use HCatalog in Hue

What's new in Hue 2.5

Hue 2.4 and the Search app