Find out why being part of the Hue team is awesome.


Romain Rigaux

The Machine

Ro bikes, kites, and surfs before going to the office. He also awesomely leads the Hue team, while coding and preparing breakfast

Enrico Berti


Enrico has a Master in Breaking the Build and making interfaces magically look good and usable. He loves to ride scooters on some remote islands

Jenny Kim

Queen Meme

Jenny cannot wait for the next team retreat and its golf course on the beach. We will finally have a nicer voice for the videos too!

Johan Åhlén

The Cow Boy

Johan sees through the pixels and wonders if rodeo would make him improve his artistic thinking

Welcome to the big time.

A few of the things you can expect from working here.

Present Glory

Take responsibilities and level up.

Summer Hours

We are a small team where you can shine.

Exotic Retreats

Join the team in some tropical islands.

Breakfast Daily

Enjoy all the goodies like free lunches, blueberries, coconut water, whiskey…



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